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A: My friend is holding a Hello Kitty fancy-dress party. Wanna go?

B: Are you kidding? I wouldn’t be seen dead in a Hello Kitty costume.

A: Oh, please. You will look so cute.

B: No way Jose. You can ask me a hundred times and the answer will still be the same.

A: 我朋友要辦一個凱蒂貓扮裝趴,你要不要跟我一起去?

B: 你開什麼玩笑?打死我也不會穿凱蒂貓的服裝。

A: 喔拜託啦。你看起來會很可愛的啦。

B: 不可能。就算你問我一百遍,我也不會答應。

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