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Taiwan Dog

A mix colored Taiwan Dog jousts with a crab on Yilan County’s Waiao beach in this undated photo.

Photo courtesy of a reader

The Taiwanese mountain dog, also known as the “Formosan Dog,” was traditionally used by villagers in Taiwan to guard their houses and aid them in hunting expeditions. For a long time, however, the indigenous Taiwanese dog has been accorded a distinctly lowly status.

Originally a hunting dog bred in high altitude areas on the island by Aborigines, the semi-wild Taiwanese mountain dog was well-suited to the uneven topography of Taiwan’s mountainous regions, and able to move agilely through the lush bush.

The Taiwan Dog, as it is now officially known, mostly has black or earthy yellow fur, or is of mixed coloring. It will generally have a life expectancy of from 13 to 16 years old, but when well looked-after can live up to 20 years, or even older.

A healthy adult male Taiwan Dog is between 48cm to 52cm long, and weighs from 14kgs to 18kgs. The adult female can be from between 43cm to 47cm long and weigh 12kgs to 16kgs.

Through the hard work over 20 years of the Kennel Club of Taiwan and lovers of indigenous Taiwanese dogs, the representatives of over 70 attending countries at the 2015 annual meeting of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in Milan, Italy voted to officially name the indigenous Taiwanese dog the “Taiwan Dog.” At the same time, the FCI agreed upon the characteristics of the breed, acknowledging that the loyal nature of the dog made it suitable as a guard dog and a companion dog. This dog, which had been largely ignored up until this point, was finally given an official name: The Taiwan Dog.(Translated by Paul Cooper)



Taiwan Dog traits

A domesticated dog demonstrating high levels of intelligence and alertness

Aggressive, distrustful of strangers, but extremely loyal to its owner

Brave and good at hunting, not intimidated when faced with large prey

Good physique, streamlined shape, well suited to running through forest

Very adaptable to different environments and very independent

Easily trained, will not soil surroundings or bark











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