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A: Did you know that they’re saying on the Internet that you can cure baldness by eating fries?

B: Yeah, right. Where did you hear that from?

A: I’ve heard that there’s something used in fat fryers that promotes regrowth of hair follicle cells.

B: I’m not sure that’s the way to do things. That can’t be good for you, nutritionally.

A: 你知道網路上有人說吃薯條可以治療禿頭嗎?

B: 怎麼可能?你從哪裡聽來的?

A: 聽說油炸鍋裡面的某種物質可以幫助毛囊細胞重生。

B: 我不覺得這是一個好方法,這樣只會讓你營養攝取不均衡。

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