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A: Is it just me or has food been getting more expensive lately?

B: You’re right, these days you’ll be hard pressed to find a quality boxed lunch or a decent cup of coffee under NT$100.

A: Question is, is it down to inflation or are businesses taking consumers for a ride?

B: Hmm, good question. It’s probably a bit of both.

A: 最近吃的東西是不是變貴了?還是只有我這麼覺得?

B: 你說的對,現在台幣一百元以下是買不到像樣的便當或是好一點的咖啡。

A: 問題是,這到底是因為通貨膨脹,還是因為商家敲竹槓?

B: 嗯,問得好,大概兩種因素都有。

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