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Compound “hangry” added to Oxford English Dictionary
「餓怒」hangry 牛津辭典收錄新字

James Murray, the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, in Oxford, UK in this undated photo.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The word “hangry,” a compound of “hungry” and “angry,” has officially been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

According to a BBC report, the OED has issued a list of over 1,000 new words to be added to the dictionary. In addition to hangry, the word “mansplaining” — referring to people, and in particular men talking to women, attempting to explain an idea using a superior attitude – has also been added.

The word ransomware was added to the 829,000 words in the OED due to the WannaCry virus that made news around the world last year.

Also, the Korean word “chaebol,” referring to large industrial conglomerates created from family-run corporate groups such as South Korea’s Samsung and Hyundai, has also been added, as a direct Romanization of the Korean, into the dictionary. The meaning of the term has come to be extended to describe the extravagant lifestyle of members of these family-run conglomerates.

(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)







1. superior adj.


(gao1 gao1 zai4 shang4 de5)

2. ransomware n.


(le4 suo3 ran2 ti3)

3. extravagant lifestyle phr.


(hao2 she1 sheng1 huo2 fang1 shi4)

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