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A: I’m starting to feel my age. If I go to bed late nowadays I’m dog tired the next day.

B: It comes to us all in the end. I’m sure you’re a lot wiser now, too.

A: Not really. If I were wiser I would be making sure I got some decent sleep.

B: You’ll have to change your daily routine.

A: 我可以感覺到自己沒那麼年輕了。現在只要晚點睡覺,隔天就累得不成人形。

B: 這是終究會發生的。但年紀變大也表示變得更有智慧了。

A: 變得更有智慧倒是沒有,如果有的話我就不會睡不夠了。

B: 你應該調整一下生活作息。

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