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Sharp drop in US bond yields sees dollar slip Friday
美債券殖利率大幅下降 美元週五下跌

A woman checks her smartphone behind a stock quotation board flashing the Nikkei 225 key index at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Tokyo on Dec. 29, last year.

Photo: AFP

The value of the US dollar slipped Dec. 29, the main reason being pressure on the greenback from a sharp drop in US bond yields.

Currency markets are slow going into the end of the year, but predictions are that they will pick up when investors return into the new year.

According to analysts, even though the US tax reform bill will buoy the economy, it will do little to seeing a rise in the US dollar, with investors continuing to maintain a pessimistic view on the US dollar.

Friday’s fall in the value of the US dollar sets the worst annual performance for the currency since 2003, with the dollar index slipping 0.4 percent.

The euro increased by 0.6 percent to 1.1943, while sterling rose by 0.3 percent to 1.3443.

The US dollar slipped to 112.93 Japanese yen, down from 113.25 at closing on the Wednesday.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)









1. sharp drop

phr. 大幅下降

(da4 fu2 xia4 jiang4)

2. rise [in value]; appreciate

v. 升值

(sheng1 zhi2)

3. fall; slip

n.; v. 下跌

(xia4 die2)

4. increase; go up

v.; phr

上漲 (shang4 zhang3)

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