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A: I watched a horror movie at the weekend. I’ve had a nightmare ever since.

B: Really. What’s the nightmare about?

A: I keep dreaming I’m being chased by a ghost. Have you ever had one of those nightmares?

B: No. I’m not scared of ghosts. Sometimes I dream that all my teeth fall out, though. That’s pretty scary.

A: 我上週末看了一部恐怖片,在那之後就一直作惡夢。

B: 是喔,你夢到什麼?

A: 我一直夢到被鬼追。你有做過這種惡夢嗎?

B: 沒有耶,我不怕鬼,但我有時候會夢到自己牙齒掉光,那還蠻可怕的。

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