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Taiwanese-Egyptian couple bring traditional Egyptian dancing to Pingtung County
埃及夫台灣妻 攜手推中東傳統舞

Mohamed Mamdouh performs a traditional Egyptian tanoura dance.
Mohamed Mamdouh演出埃及傳統旋轉舞。

Photo: Luo Hsin-chen, Liberty Times

Chao Hsin-ying from Pingtung County’s Chaojhou Township has a love of dancing. While participating in an overseas competition, Chao became acquainted with one of the judges, a young Egyptian called Mohamed Mamdouh. Two years ago the two tied the knot and settled down to live in Chaojhou Township, where they established a dance studio to teach traditional Middle Eastern dance.

“After seeing each other for a year-and-a-half, we decided to be together,” says Chao. The two met by chance while competing in a dance competition in Malaysia, where Mamdouh was acting as a judge. Their relationship flourished through their mutual love of dance, and the two later married in Egypt. The couple decided to return to Chao’s hometown in order to bring the foreign dance styles they learned abroad to Taiwan.

Having married a Taiwanese woman and settled down in Chaojhou Township, as a Muslim, the only thing Mamdouh has been unable to get used to is Taiwanese food. Fortunately, specially-prepared Halal food, which Mamdouh has delivered to their home once a month, is now available in Taiwan. Mamdouh also became addicted to Chaojhou Township’s famous sesame paste noodles on first tasting them, since Egyptian cuisine also features sesame paste.

Most Taiwanese are unfamiliar with Egyptian culture, so that whenever Mamdouh performs traditional Egyptian tanoura dancing, audiences usually cry out with astonishment. Mamdouh’s heavy costume weighs 15kg and, with performances sometimes lasting half an hour, he needs to remain extremely fit. Chao occasionally dances together with her other half.

At the dance studio established by Chao and her husband, belly dancing classes are popular with Taiwanese women, and Chao infuses her dance lessons with a little Egyptian culture.


1. tie the knot phr.


(jie2 hun1)

2. dance studio phr.


(wu3 dao4 jiao4 shi4)

3. become addicted to phr.


(shang4 yin3)

4. other half phr.


(ling4 yi2 ban4)

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)

屏東縣潮州姑娘趙芯瑩熱愛舞蹈,到海外參賽,結識擔任評審的埃及青年Mohamed Mamdouh,兩年前結婚,如今夫婦倆定居潮州鎮,創辦舞蹈教室教授中東地區傳統舞蹈。






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