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A: I’ve sent you quite a few Line messages, and they’re all marked “read.” Why haven’t you answered?

B: Oh, well, I’m still really busy, and you didn’t really say anything all that important…

A: Is that all? I thought you were angry for some reason.

B: You worry too much. If I were angry, I would have said something.

A: 我傳了好幾則LINE訊息給你,你怎麼都「已讀不回」?

B: 喔,因為我還蠻忙的,而且你好像沒說什麼重要的事……

A: 只是因為這樣嗎?我還以為你生氣了。

B: 你想太多了。我如果生氣了,不會什麼都不說。

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