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A: The weather forecast says it’ll turn cold this weekend. This morning I took out the winter duvet to get it cleaned.

B: Now you mention it, I should get my thick duvet out to air it in the sun, too.

A: Yes, but it’s going to rain over the next few days. You’ll probably have to use a clothes dryer.

B: We don’t have one. If it rains for days on end, we take our stuff to a laundromat.

A: 氣象預報說週末會變很冷,我今天早上已經把冬天的棉被拿出來洗了。

B: 這麼說來,我也該把厚棉被拿出來曬一曬了。

A: 對啊,不過這幾天都下雨,大概只能用烘乾機。

B: 我家沒有烘乾機,如果每天都下雨,就要去自助洗衣店了。

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