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The idiom has several other variants, including 毛骨竦然, 毛骨聳然 and 毛髮悚然.

It is interesting how elements of Hong Mai’s story, and some of the literary devices he uses, notably the dream sequence, are still used in modern storytelling, and the feeling of dread he describes is a universal part of the human experience, irrespective of time or culture. In English, we can describe the feeling of the moment at which dread hits as a chill – or shiver – running up/down one’s spine, or one’s hair standing on end.

(Translated by Paul Cooper)

♦ Dave's driving is atrocious. I feared for my life. I spent the whole journey with my hair standing on end.


♦ It's a great story, with a really creepy ending. It sent a chill running down my spine.


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