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“Boys’ love” dramas achieve high ratings thanks to female fans
腐女市場大 「BL」話題炒熱收視

Actors Bernard Lin, above, and Teddy Jen are pictured in this poster for HIStory, a “boys’ love” (BL) drama on CHOCO TV.
演員林駿(上)和任祐成出現在CHOCO TV「BL」劇HIStory海報中。

照片︰CHOCO TV 提供

Taiwanese “over-the-top” (OTT) provider CHOCO TV has been up and running for two years. Chang Ting-fei, head of the content department, recently talked about the company’s hit “BL” — or “boys’ love” — drama HIStory, which was released this year. After it was aired on the platform, the drama was uploaded straight to YouTube by netizens, who translated it into eight languages, demonstrating the huge global market for “fujoshi.”

Fujoshi — literally “rotten girl” — is a Japanese term for female fans of BL stories featuring romantic relationships between men. As society becomes more open and diverse, the topic of fujoshi is becoming increasingly acceptable, and part of the mainstream drama market.

Chang said that even in China, where gay-themed dramas are banned, underground platforms have not only bought the broadcasting rights for HIStory, some are also willing to invest in the production of such shows. However, BL dramas are not limited to gay themes only. They also include ambiguous intimate interactions in male relationships.

(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)

台灣線上影視業者CHOCO TV營運滿兩週年,內容長張庭翡日前談及今年推出的「BL」(男男戀)劇HIStory,在該平台播出後馬上被網友瘋傳到YouTube,還主動將該劇翻譯成八種語言,顯示出全球龐大的腐女市場。





1. over-the-top (OTT)

phr. 線上影視的

(xian4 shang4 ying3 shi4 de5)

2. boys’ love (BL)

phr. 男男戀

(nan2 nan2 lian4)

3. fujoshi

n. 腐女

(fu2 nu3)

4. mainstream

adj. 主流

(zhu3 liu2)

5. intimate

adj. 親密的

(qin1 mi4 de5)

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