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Man robs bank with fruit knife, escapes with NT$300,000
刀煞挾女客搶瑞興銀 女行員嚇壞給三十萬

The Shilin District branch of Taipei Star Bank pictured on Thursday last week.

Photo: Chen En-huei, Liberty Times

According to the police, at 1:12pm on Thursday afternoon last week, an unaccompanied young male wearing a motorcycle helmet, surgical mask, dark-colored top, blue jeans, white sports shoes, linen gloves and carrying a green backpack, entered a branch of Taipei Star Bank on Jiantan Road in Taipei’s Shilin District. As it was lunchtime, inside the bank’s main hall there was only one bank teller on duty and two customers sitting down waiting for their number to be called. The male suspect zeroed in on a female customer standing at the counter, surnamed Liu, walked over and stood next to her. Holding a fruit knife in his left hand, the suspect immediately pressed it against Liu’s neck and with his right hand threw down a paper carrier bag, yelling: “Hand over the money.”

On seeing the suspect put his arm around Liu’s neck and shoulders, the bank teller initially mistook the two to be two friends joking around. However, the teller was shocked to spot a knife pressed against Liu’s neck and seeing that Liu was frozen stiff with fright, she immediately became concerned the robber was going to hurt Liu. Following the suspect’s instructions, she grabbed a large pile of cash laid out on the counter and while stuffing NT$300,000 of cash into the bag, simultaneously sounded the alarm. After the robber realized what had happened, he picked up the bag, turned around and immediately walked outside. The entire incident unfolded in about 60 seconds.

After reviewing CCTV footage, the police discovered that the bank robber used a silver-colored Sanyang scooter left at the intersection between Chengde and Jiantan road as the getaway vehicle, which he drove to a road 100km away before proceeding on foot to a nearby intersection, flagging down a taxi and escaping. After contacting the owner of the scooter, police discovered it had been stolen two days prior. However, due to having not yet reported the scooter as stolen, the owner was initially suspected of being involved in the robbery before later being cleared of any involvement in the case.


1. unaccompanied adj.

獨自 (du2 zi4)

2. zero in on v. phr.

鎖定 (suo3 ding4)

3. robber n.

歹徒 (dai3 tu2)

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





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