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NTU slips to 198 in global university rankings
全球最佳大學排名 台大跌至一百九十八名新低

May 3, 2012 cover of the Times Higher Education.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Rankings 2017 report was released on Sept. 5. In all, 26 Taiwanese universities made the list, including three not included the previous year, although the ranking of National Taiwan University (NTU) had slipped from 195 last year to 198.

NTU’s rankings slipped both in terms of research results and academic impact — defined as number of times quoted — seeing their ranking fall by 83 places since the 2010/2011 listing.

According to the THE, in recent years the number of universities in Taiwan has increased, while the birth rate has fallen. This has led to a clear decline in student enrolment rates.

Phil Baty, who was in charge of the THE survey, said that top-flight universities in other Asian countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore continue to move up in the rankings, something most likely helped by the continued high levels of investment. Baty said that Taiwan’s problem was in investment and the surplus of universities, and that if Taiwan wants to continue enjoying a major standing in the global higher education field it must address the problems in student recruitment and funding.

(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)




負責這項調查的主編巴堤表示 ,亞洲其他國家或地區,像是中國、香港和新加坡的頂級大學排名都在持續攀升,這部分得益於持續高水準的資金投入。巴堤說,台灣的問題在於資金及大學數量過多,若要在全球高等教育領域維持重要地位,台灣必須解決招生和經費方面的問題。



1.rankings n.


(pai2 hang2 bang3)

2.academic impact phr.


(xue2 shu4 ying2 xiang3 li4)

3.enrolment rate phr.


(ru4 xue2 lu4) university phr.


(ding3 ji2 da4 xue2)

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