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A: That’s weird. Why is the destination on this bus different from the one I put into Google Maps?

B: Are you sure you need to take the Blue 26?

A: Yes. Doesn’t this bus go to Taipei City Hall MRT?

B: It does, but it’s the other way. You should get off at the next stop and then take the bus on the opposite side.

A: 奇怪,為什麼這輛公車的目的地跟我在Google地圖上查到的不一樣?

B: 你確定你要搭的是藍26嗎?

A: 沒錯啊,這台公車沒有到捷運市政府站嗎?

B: 有啊,但那是在反方向。你要在下一站下車,然後到對面去搭車。

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