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A: I just found out that my boyfriend is still in contact with his first love.

B: How did you find out?

A: I was using his computer one day and a message from her popped up. He had forgotten to sign out of Facebook.

B: Did you read the message? If she was just saying hi and they don’t meet up, what’s wrong with that?

A: 我最近發現我男朋友和他的初戀情人還有聯絡。

B: 你怎麼會知道?

A: 我有一天用他的電腦的時候,突然收到她傳來的訊息,因為他臉書忘了登出。

B: 你有讀訊息的內容嗎?如果只是普通的問候,沒有見面的話,應該沒什麼吧?

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