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The strange business of errand running

An errand runner delivers a package.

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“We’ll buy and deliver anything you want, nothing’s too strange for us.” In today’s fast-paced society, many people are looking for ways to save time wherever they can, and this has led to an industry built around purchasing and delivering items for customers. Errand running companies specialize in delivering urgent items or purchasing goods on behalf of their customers. “So long as the customer is willing to place the order, unless it involves contraband goods, whatever they want, we’ll help them to buy it and deliver it.”

According to one errand running company, they purchase all sorts of products on behalf of their customers and have previously received requests to buy hotpot, pizza, lunch boxes and other food items, while other customers have asked errand runners to pay their water and electricity bills, rent and phone bills. The company also says that the proportion of female customers far exceeds male customers.

As one member of the errand running industry puts it: one customer’s laziness is our business opportunity. One customer, who lives on the second floor, was too lazy to leave his house and asked an errand runner to help him buy breakfast from a breakfast bar on the first floor and then deliver it upstairs. On another occasion, a boyfriend who was working away from home and busy on company business employed the services of an errand runner to buy roses on Valentine’s Day and then deliver the flowers to his girlfriend.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





Follow Up讀後練習

1. Have you ever used an errand running service? If not, when would you consider using one?


2. If your boyfriend or girlfriend used an errand runner on your birthday or Valentine’s Day to purchase and deliver flowers or a gift, how would you feel?


3. Why do you think there are presently more females than males using errand running services?


4. Do you think errand running companies provide a worthwhile service or are they symbolic of modern society becoming more lazy?

跑腿公司提供的服務是否有其獨特的價值?又或者,這種跑腿服務只是彰顯出現代人愈來愈懶的現象 ?

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