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I-Mei Foods starts testing for radioactive food

I-Mei Foods general manager Kao Chih-ming, right, signs an agreement with members of the Pingtung Association for the Promotion of Special Agricultural Products on April 11 at the Maer Settlement in Sandimen Township, Pingtung County.

Photo: Chiu Chih-jou, Liberty Times

I-Mei Foods has forked out approximately NT$15 million on two radiation detection machines imported from France. The machines began operation at the beginning of this month, making the company the first food manufacturer in Taiwan to operate food radiation detection equipment.

Prior to I-Mei Foods establishing its radiation inspection laboratory, domestic food radiation inspection was primarily the responsibility of the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research and the Radiation Monitoring Center’s laboratories, both of which operate under the auspices of the Atomic Energy Council.

In addition to the radiation detection machines, I-Mei Foods is also setting up a laboratory able to detect the poisonous substances dioxins and poly-chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) if they exceed trace amounts. The lab is expected to be operational late this year.

I-Mei Foods general manager Kao Chih-ming says that the problem of radiation and dioxins will be around for as long as human beings exist. In addition to background environmental radiation, Kao says there is also the problem of man-made radiation and, due to environmental pollution in modern times, dioxins and PCBs can now be found in water and soil almost everywhere; it is simply a question of how much.

(CNA, translated by Edward Jones)







1. fork out phr.

斥資 (chi4 zi1)

2. radiation n.

輻射 (fu2 she4)

3. detection n.

檢測 (jian3 ce4)

4. under the auspices of... phr.

受...管轄的 (shou4 ... guan3 xia2 de5)

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