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A: We’re going to be late for the movie. Shall we get a cab?

B: Taking a cab won’t necessarily get us there any faster than going by MRT. More than likely we’ll get caught in the traffic.

A: The traffic won’t be too bad this time of day. Getting a cab and going on the highway will definitely be quicker.

B: OK. I don’t want to miss the start of the movie. Right, let’s call a taxi then.

A: 我們快趕不上電影了,還是叫計程車吧。

B: 搭計程車也不見得比捷運快,搞不好還會碰到塞車。

A: 現在這時間不會塞車的。搭計程車走高速公路過去一定比較快。

B: 好吧,我也不想錯過電影開頭。那我們就叫計程車吧。

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