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A: My older sister is about to have a baby. I want to give her a present.

B: Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

A: I don’t know yet, but she doesn’t need any baby stuff. It’s been a difficult pregnancy. I want to give her something to cheer her up.

B: Why don’t you wait until she has had the baby and then take her to a spa?

A: 我姊姊最近要生小孩了,我想送她一個禮物。

B: 她的寶寶是男生還是女生呢?

A: 目前還不知道,但他們不缺嬰兒用品。她懷孕很辛苦,我只是想送個東西給她,讓她開心。

B: 等她生產完帶她去做SPA如何?

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