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A: Don’t cross the road over there, use the pedestrian crossing.

B: But the pedestrian crossing is pretty far away, it’s quicker to cross the road in the middle.

A: It’s only a minute’s walk to the crossing, it will hardly save any time at all.

B: OK then, since we’re not in a hurry right now, let’s use the crossing.

A: 不要從那邊過馬路啦,還是走斑馬線比較好。

B: 斑馬線離這裡有一段距離,直接從路中間穿越比較快。

A: 走到斑馬線也只是多花一分鐘而已,沒必要省那一點點時間吧。

B: 好吧,反正我們現在也不趕時間,就走斑馬線吧。

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