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A: Electricity prices have gone up this month so recently I’ve only been using a fan.

B: I’m still using the air conditioner. Have they risen by a lot?

A: Absolutely. If your electricity consumption stays the same as before, your bill will increase by about 80 percent.

B: Wow, that’s a huge price hike. I really should use the air conditioner less often.

A: 這個月開始電費變貴了,所以我最近都只開電扇。

B: 我還是有在開冷氣耶。電費有漲很多嗎?

A: 漲蠻多的,如果用電量不變,估計每戶電費會多八成左右。

B: 這樣真的漲很多耶。那我也要少開冷氣才行。

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