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A: I hate it when people walk their dogs off the lead.

B: Why? Some dogs are really well behaved, even when off the lead, they will still stick close by their owner.

A: I was bitten by a dog when I was little so I’m really scared of dogs, especially big ones.

B: Actually dogs are really good at assessing a person’s emotions;. They will usually only bite someone if they look frightened.

A: 我真的很討厭遛狗不繫狗鍊的人。

B: 為什麼?有些狗真的蠻乖的,就算不繫狗鍊也會跟著主人。

A: 我小時候被狗咬過,所以很怕狗,尤其是大型犬。

B: 狗其實都很會判斷人的情緒的,牠們通常只會咬看起來害怕的人。

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