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A: I’ve written a love letter to a long-term love interest. Do you mind taking a look and giving me a few suggestions?

B: OK. Erm… you don’t know each other?

A: We meet each week at a lesson, but we’ve never talked before.

B: Honestly, rather than confess your love in a letter, it would be better to strike up a conversation first to see whether you hit it off.

A: 我寫了一封情書給我心儀已久的對象,你可以幫我看看,給我一點建議嗎?

B: 好啊。嗯……你們兩個不認識嗎?

A: 我們每個禮拜有一堂課會碰到面,但從來沒有說過話。

B: 與其寫信告白,不如直接找他攀談,看看談不談得來再說吧。

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