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Rosemary may improve students’ memory
考生增強記憶 聞迷迭香有幫助

Rosemary illustration from an Italian compendium of herbs, circa 1500AD, artist unknown.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to Mark Moss, a researcher at Northumbria University in the UK, the smell of rosemary can help improve memory.

The research team had 40 pupils aged 10 to 11 do a series of memory tests in a room either with a rosemary aroma or without. At the time, the pupils were unaware that the aroma was related in any way with the memory tests.

Moss says that the students who did the memory tests in the room with the rosemary aroma performed between 5 to 7 percent better in the memory tests, a result consistent with tests involving adults. The study results support traditional beliefs concerning the beneficial effects of rosemary on memory. He says that rosemary has been linked to memory for centuries.

However, he also says that the degree of the effect varies from person to person, with hardly any effect seen in some people. He says that he will now widen the research, carrying out a large scale study on the effects of aroma in educational settings.(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)






1. memory n.

記憶力 (ji4 yi4 li4)

2. consistent adj.

一致 (yi2 zhi4)

3. traditional belief n. phr.

傳統觀念 (chuan2 tong3 guan1 nian4 )

4. vary from person to person v. phr.

因人而異 (yin1 ren2 er2 yi4)

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