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A: Whose idea was it to go to the shopping mall on Labor Day?

B: Sorry, it was a stupid idea. Shall we find a cafe and get away from the crowds?

A: Are you kidding me? There’s no way we’ll be able to find a seat on a day like today.

B: You’re right. Let’s cut our losses and go home.

A: 是誰提議要在勞動節到百貨公司逛街的啊?

B: 抱歉,這真是個餿主意。我們找間沒人的咖啡館坐坐吧?

A: 拜託,今天怎麼可能找得到沒人的咖啡館啊。

B: 說得也是。那我們就別在這邊繼續耗下去,直接回家吧。

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