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Rifle 來福槍

Two men, one holding a rifle, emerge from a shop in Taipei on Mar. 24.

Photo: Paul Cooper, Taipei Times

I don’t know. I guess it’s a measure of how safe Taiwanese society is, but when I see a guy emerging from a store opposite the restaurant I’m sitting in carrying a big rifle, it sets me on edge.

Since I was in Taiwan, after the initial moment of unease, I took out my camera and shot him, instead. Had I been in the UK, I would have been scared he might have walked the short distance to the restaurant and put me and my partner in danger. If I had been met with this scene in the UK, I wouldn’t have thought twice: I would have been out of the back entrance of the restaurant like a shot.

I’ve never held an actual gun before. I am no expert, but I concede it was probably just an air rifle. After a second’s reflection, I was quite satisfied that we were not actually in any danger. But come on. Lifting the barrel, aiming it down the street and looking down the sight like that, finger on the trigger, as if you’re about to shoot? There’s something, it seems to me, a little unwise about that.

And yes, he did pull the trigger.

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)



我從沒拿過真槍。我不是專家,但我承認這可能不過是一把空氣槍。想了一下,知道我們其實並未處於危險中,我感到釋懷。但是拜託,像這樣舉起槍管,朝街上瞄準,扣住扳機,一副你馬上要射擊的樣子? 對我來說,這實在是有點不智。



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