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A: I think there’s something in my shoe. God! It’s a toad.

B: Why didn’t you put your shoes in the shoe cabinet, instead of throwing them on the patio?

A: What shall I do? How am I going to get the toad out?

B: Just tap the shoe on the ground, it will just fall out.

A: 我的鞋子裡面好像有東西。天啊,是一隻蟾蜍!

B: 誰教你不把鞋子收到鞋櫃裡,就這樣丟在門廊上。

A: 怎麼辦?我要怎麼把蟾蜍趕出來?

B: 直接把鞋子往地上敲一敲,讓牠掉出來就好啦。

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