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A: Your fern looks like it’s on its last legs. Have you been watering it enough?

B: Oh. I keep oversleeping and forgetting to water it.

A: You’d be better off with a cactus. Ferns need watering every day, especially during the summer, otherwise they will wither and die.

B: Fine, so if it withers and dies I’ll go buy a cactus.

A: 你的蕨類看起來奄奄一息,是不是水澆得不夠?

B: 喔,我早上老是睡過頭,常常忘記澆水。

A: 那你應該養仙人掌的。蕨類需要天天澆水,尤其是夏天,否則很容易枯死的。

B: 要是真的枯死了,我就去買一盆仙人掌好了。

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