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A: Prices have been going up a lot recently. Before, the chicken leg lunch boxes they sell here also came with a whole stewed egg. Now they only give you half.

B: Not only that, the portions as a whole are getting smaller, and the vegetable sides have shrunk in size.

A: I also noticed that too, so I hardly ever eat their lunch boxes any more.

B: Me neither. Unless I’m stuck for where to eat, I won’t come here.

A: 最近物價漲了不少,以前這裡賣的雞腿便當都有給一顆滷蛋,現在只給半顆。

B: 不只這樣,就連便當的分量都變少了,菜只裝八分滿。

A: 菜變少我也有注意到,所以我現在都很少來吃了。

B: 我也是,真的想不到去哪裡吃飯,我才會來這裡。

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