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A: What language is that book that you’re reading?

B: Oh, it’s Vietnamese. I recently started studying Vietnamese by myself.

A: Oh I see, is it easy? I heard that there are loads of words in Vietnamese that originally come from Chinese and that by learning Vietnamese, you will gradually pick up classical Chinese.

B: Yes, but although there are lots of similarities, if you want to become proficient it’s actually quite tricky.

A: 你在讀的書是什麼語言?

B: 喔,這是越南文。我最近在自學越南語。

A: 是喔,容易學嗎?我聽說越南語有不少詞彙都是從中文來的,學的過程中可以間接了解到古漢語。

B: 是啊,雖然有不少相似之處,但要學得好還是不容易。

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