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A: I’ve been making myself eat six different types of fruit and veg daily.

B: That must be quite tricky. Normally when you eat out, you get hardly any green vegetables.

A: Yep. So I always buy many different kinds of fruit, and every day I eat at least three varieties.

B: I see. I live by myself, so I don’t dare buy too much fruit, I’m worried I won’t be able to get through it all. There’s no way I could eat six types of fruit and veg every day.

A: 我最近嚴格要求自己每天都要吃六種不同的蔬果。

B: 這樣應該不容易吧,在外面吃飯通常青菜都不多。

A: 是啊,所以我都會購買多種不同的水果,每天在家至少吃三種。

B: 是喔。我因為一個人住,水果不敢買太多,怕吃不完。當然一天也吃不到六種蔬果。

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