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A : I’ve recently been thinking about buying a treadmill.

B : Didn’t you once say that treadmills are really boring and you much prefer jogging outside? Why do you suddenly want to buy a treadmill?

A : I’ve registered for a marathon, with a treadmill I can practice every day, rain or shine.

B : Oh I see. You could also consider going to a gym on rainy days and you’ll be able to give different muscle groups a workout.

A : 我最近想買一台跑步機。

B : 你不是說過踩跑步機很無聊,比較喜歡出門慢跑的嗎?為什麼會想要買跑步機?

A : 我報名了一場馬拉松比賽,如果有跑步機的話,就可以不論晴雨天天練習了。

B : 原來是這樣。你也可以考慮在下雨天去健身房,強化一些平常鍛鍊不到的肌肉。

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