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A: Your dog is so cute, can I stroke her? Eh? There’s a small black insect on her head.

B: Where? Let me look. Oh my goodness, it’s a tick.

A: And it’s still sucking her blood. Do you regularly give your dog anti-parasite treatment?

B: Yes, but the treatment I give her is anti-flea medicine, it doesn’t protect against ticks.

A: 你的狗真可愛,我可以摸牠嗎?咦?牠的頭上怎麼有一隻黑色的小蟲。

B: 哪裡?我看看。天啊,是壁蝨。

A: 而且還在吸牠的血。你有定期幫狗點驅蟲藥嗎?

B: 有啊,但我幫牠點的藥是防蚤的,沒有防壁蝨。

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