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Circus lionized for cutting animal acts is to bring them back
馬戲團走回頭路 重推動物表演

Tigers perform at the opening night of the Melha Shrine Circus in Massachusetts, the US, on May 1, 2014.

Photo: AP

A circus in the US is under fire for bringing back animal acts a year after earning praise from animal rights groups for dropping them to keep up with changing public attitudes.

The Melha Shrine Circus, which has seven performances over four days scheduled for May in Massachusetts, brought back performing elephants, tigers and dogs because that’s what people want, circus chairman Allen Zippin said.

The circus lost money for the first time in its 63-year history in 2016. “Paid attendance was down 6,500 people last year,’’ when compared to 2015, he said. “We had people asking for refunds after finding out there were no animals.’’

Animal rights activists have been pressuring circuses to drop animal acts for years, saying the acts are cruel and inhumane.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had praised the Melha Shriners last year, but the group was quick to condemn the return of animal acts. “All it does is teach kids that it’s OK to bully and subjugate,’’ said Rachel Mathews, PETA’s associate director of captive animal law enforcement.









1. under fire phr.


(bao3 shou4 pi1 ping2)

2. refund n.


(tui4 fei4)

3. inhumane adj.


(fei1 ren2 dao4)

4. condemn v.


(qian3 ze2)

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