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A: There are more and more chain stores in Taipei, there are three coffee stores from the same chain all along this same stretch of road.

B: What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t it make it more convenient?

A: There’s a lot of advantages to chain stores, but I still prefer more unique, smaller stores with a bit of feeling to them.

B: I know what you mean. Chain stores can rob a city of its individuality.

A: 台北市的連鎖店真是越來越多了,同一條路上居然有三家同樣的咖啡連鎖店。

B: 這樣買東西很方便,有什麼不好嗎?

A: 連鎖店雖然有很多好處,但我還是偏好有特色、有人情味的小店面

B: 我懂你的意思,連鎖店太多確實會削弱城市的特色。

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