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“SpeXial’s” popularity surges with new drama and book
「SpeXial」拍新戲、寫真書 人氣紅不讓

Members of Taiwanese boy group “SpeXial” take photos for their second photo book, titled “SpeXial Okinawa,” in Japan’s Okinawa Islands late last year.
台灣男子團體「SpeXial」的成員,去年底在日本沖繩群島,拍攝第二本寫真書「SpeXial Okinawa沖繩寫真遊記」。

Photo courtesy of Kadokawa Taiwan Corporation

Taiwanese boy group “SpeXial” is so popular at the moment that some members — including Wayne, Sam, Evan and Ian — have been invited to star in this year’s KO-3AN-GUO, a Chinese adaptation of a hit TV drama with a budget of NT$300 million. Their new look in the drama, revealed early this month, as students of an Eastern Han Dynasty academy immediately got fans talking.

On Feb. 9, the group released its second photo book, “SpeXial Okinawa.” The members were overwhelmed by the beautiful Okinawan beaches. Their book signings are already taking place.

However, on the eve of the release of the book, Simon, one of the more popular members, announced on Facebook his intention to pull out of the group. He is reportedly to sue his management company over payment irregularities, seeking to extract himself from his contract.

(Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)


該團並於二月九日,推出第二本寫真書「SpeXial Okinawa沖繩寫真遊記」,一行人被當地的海灘美景所震懾,目前已展開簽書會活動。




1. adaptation n.


(fan1 pai1)

2. photo book n. phr.


(xie3 zhen1 shu1)

3. book signing n. phr.


(qian1 shu1 hui4)

4. pull out v. phr


(tui4 chu1)

5. contract n.


(he2 yue1)

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