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News retrospective: Former Academia Sinica president disputes corruption charges
翁啟惠遭貪污罪起訴 憤慨發聲明澄清

Former Academia Sinica president Wong Chi-huey, pictured on Apr. 16 last year in Taipei, is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal with biotech company OBI Pharma Inc.

Photo: CNA

The Shilin District Court indicted former Academia Sinica president Wong Chi-huey on corruption charges today in connection with biotech company OBI Pharma Inc. Wong issued a statement this evening attempting to clarify the situation, in which he accused prosecutors of making far-fetched claims and exceeding their prosecutorial authority. Wong also said he was shocked and angered by the indictment and promised he would do everything within his power to defend his innocence.

Shilin District Court concluded its investigation into the OBI Pharma case today. Prosecutors say that Wong received 3,000 shares in OBI Pharma from the company’s chairman, Michael Chang, and believe this establishes that Wong is guilty of corruption under Article 5, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 3 of the Anti-Corruption Act, which stipulates that public servants cannot take, or promise to take, bribes. Prosecutors have indicted Wong with corruption.

In his statement, Wong addresses the claim made by prosecutors that he made an agreement with Chang in October 2011 to buy 1,500 technology shares of OBI Pharma in a quid pro quo exchange for synthetic oligosaccharides technology developed by Wong. Wong says he never discussed the issue of the so-called 1,500 technology shares with Chang and certainly never agreed to receive 1,500 technology shares from Chang’s company.

Wong also strenuously disputes the claim, made by prosecutors in their press release, that he received bribes from Chang in the form of 3,000 shares in OBI Pharma, and in return used his position as president of Academia Sinica to assist the company to produce synthetic oligosaccharides and to obtain the exclusive rights for enzymatic synthesis.


1. corruption n.

貪污罪 (tan1 wu1 zui4)

2. make far-fetched claims v. phr.

穿鑿附會 (chuan1 zao2 fu4 hui4)

3. bribe n.

賄賂 (hui4 lu4)

4. quid pro quo exchange n. phr.

交換條件 (jiao1 huan4 tiao2 jian4)

This article was first published on Jan. 9.

(CNA, translated by Edward Jones)






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