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A: A bat just flew into my room. What shall I do?

B: Bats are not dangerous, they won’t attack people unprovoked. Just shoo it out of the window.

A: But, don’t bats suck blood?

B: Taiwan’s bats don’t. Bats also eats lots of pests and spread pollen. Whatever you do, don’t kill it.

A: 有一隻蝙蝠從窗子飛進我房間。怎麼辦?

B: 蝙蝠很溫和,不會主動攻擊人的,把牠引出屋子就好了。

A: 可是,蝙蝠不是會吸血嗎?

B: 台灣的蝙蝠都不會吸血。蝙蝠還會吃很多害蟲,還會傳遞花粉,千萬不要把它殺掉。

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