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A: Taiwan’s brain drain is only getting worse.

B: Yes. It’s not just overseas universities coming over here to grab people, many tech firms are actively poaching academics.

A: Yes, especially as universities and research institutions don’t pay as well as private firms, more and more academics are going over to business.

B: It’s not just Taiwan. We’re seeing this trend almost everywhere.

A: 台灣學術界人才外流的問題真是越來越嚴重了。

B: 是啊,不只是國外大學會來搶人,很多科技公司也很積極地挖角學者到企業界。

A: 沒錯,尤其大學或研究機構提供的薪資往往比不上私人公司,近年來越來越多學者跳槽到企業界了。

B: 不只是台灣,其他國家似乎也有這個趨勢。

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