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Keelung City offers million-dollar rewards for reporting environmental violations
基隆檢舉水污染 窩裡反獎金最高千萬

A man cleans up an oil slick at Keelung Port from a boat on Nov. 29 last year.

Photo: Lu Hsiu-hsien, Liberty Times

Keelung City’s Bureau of Environmental Protection in December last year passed regulations governing rewards for reporting violations of the Water Pollution Control Act, which would allow those who report environmental violations by their current or former employer to be rewarded half of the fine paid if proven to be true, with a maximum reward of NT$10 million.

During a municipal meeting last month, the Keelung City Government announced the passage and implementation of new regulations governing rewards for reporting violations of the Water Pollution Control Act. According to the regulations, those who report serious violations of the Water Pollution Control Act – including failure to meet the city’s effluent disposal standards, not having in place the appropriate facilities and equipment for wastewater treatment, or illegally discharging wastewater into the underground water table or soil — can receive 20 percent of the fine paid as a reward.

If the person reporting the case is a current or former employee of the violator, he or she can be rewarded 50 percent of the fine paid. With the highest possible fine being NT$ 20 million, the maximum reward for such tip-offs is NT$ 10 million.

Keelung’s Bureau of Environmental Protection Director-General Lai Huan-hung said that, since employees typically know the ins and outs of their companies, the new rules, which provide high rewards for employees offering tip-offs to the regulatory authorities, should make companies think twice before breaking the law.(Liberty Times, translated by Tu Yu-an)




1. wastewater treatment n. phr.


(wu1 shui3 chu2 li3)

2. discharge v.

排放 (pai2 fang4)

3. tip-off n.

密告 (mi4 gao4)

4. regulatory authority n. phr.


(jian1 guan3 bu4 men2)



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