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A: You’re wearing a face mask. Surely you haven’t caught another cold.

B: Yep. I’ve been doing a lot of jobs on the side lately and often work into the small hours. It’s not doing my health any favors.

A: You need to take more care of yourself. Health is so important. You only need enough money to get by.

B: Given the choice I wouldn’t work this hard, but I still have student loans to pay off.

A: 看你戴著口罩,該不會又感冒了?

B: 對啊,最近兼了很多差,晚上常熬夜,身體好像越來越差了。

A: 還是要多保重身體啊,健康是最重要的,錢夠用就好了。

B: 可以選擇的話我也不想這樣辛苦工作,但我還有一堆學貸沒還清。

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