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A: From next semester, the school is relaxing the regulations for inter-university optional courses and offering more course options.

B: My favorite professor has gone to another school. Maybe now I can continue taking her classes.

A: Now students have more freedom to explore their interests and it will promote academic exchanges.

B: Yes. Why so many restrictions before? They were no help to god or man.

A: 學校從下學期開始會放寬跨校選修的規定,以後可以跨校選修的課程又更多了。

B: 我最喜歡的教授去了別的學校,這樣我又可以繼續修她的課了。

A: 跨校選修可以讓學生更自由地探索自己的興趣,也可以促進學術交流。

B: 是啊,不知道為什麼過去要有這麼多限制,實在沒什麼好處。

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