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Study: Global health on the way up
研究: 全球健康情況正逐步改善

An elderly woman does pottery in an activity center in Wanluan Village in Pingtung County on Aug 16, 2013.

Photo: Chiu Chih-rou, Liberty Times

According to a report by the Global Burden of Disease Study, the health of people around the world is gradually improving, and the average life expectancy is growing longer. The healthy life expectancy, however, is not keeping pace with this longer life expectancy, and chronic diseases continue to consign the sick to long-term suffering, with death rates of as much as 7 out of 10.

The study discovered that, up to 2015, the average life expectancy of the global population had increased by over 10 years from 1980, with male average life expectancy 69.0 years, compared to 74.8 years for women.

One of the main causes for the increase in average life expectancy is the large scale drop in the death rate of many infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria or diarrhea. The death rates for cardiovascular disease and cancers has also fallen, albeit at a slower rate.

The study analyzed 249 causes of death, 315 diseases and injuries and 79 risk factors from 1990 to 2015 in 195 countries or areas. It revealed that the improvements in global health were uneven, which can be partially attributed to economic development.

(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)




這項研究分析了一百九十五個國家和地區從一九九○至二○一五年間的兩百四十九種死因、三百一十五種疾病和傷害,以及七十九種風險因子 。這項結果呈現出全球健康改善參差不齊,一部分是經濟發展所導致。



1. chronic disease n. phr.


(man4 xing4 bing4)

2. life expectancy n. phr.


(yu2 ming4)

3. infectious disease n. phr.


(chuan2 ran3 xing4 ji2 bing4)

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