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Three sheets to the wind in Taipei

“When I visited the gallery, the wind was up, and the sheets were flapping in the breeze”

Photo: Paul Cooper, Taipei Times

I saw this scene at an art gallery in Taipei two years ago. It was part of an open-air installation consisting of hanging fabric. It was a cross between a maze of corridors and doorways and someone’s washing hanging out to dry on a line.

On a calm day, everything was static. When I visited the gallery, the wind was up, and the sheets were flappng in the breeze.

In a two-dimensional photograph, the scene becomes a cacophony of shapes and shadows. There are rectangles and triangles, rhombuses and arrow-heads, irregular shapes, truncated shapes, thin lines bisecting thick lines, thick lines cutting through curves, parallel lines and lines diverging or converging, areas of shade and areas of light, hard lines and creases, sheets hanging vertically and others intruding at an angle, floorboards and a skewed banister, and all framed by an arch.

The colors were added later.

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)






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