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A: I had a mango shaved ice yesterday, it cost NT$220.

B: NT$220? What a rip off. It’s just iced water and fruit for goodness sake.

A: I know, but it was at Ed's Monster, Taipei’s most famous shaved ice shop.

B: Even so, to charge those prices, I call that daylight robbery.

A: 我昨天吃了一個芒果挫冰,花了我兩百二十塊。

B: 兩百二十塊?根本是敲詐。不是就冰加水果嗎?

A: 是啊,但我去的是Ed's Monster,它是全台北最知名的挫冰店。

B: 那種價格還是太誇張了,簡直是搶劫。

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