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Above: Padmount transformers with a new low-profile grey design are pictured on Sunday last week in Taipei.


Photo: Ethan Zhan, Taipei Times

Mention roadside transformers to most people in Taipei, and the first thing that likely comes to mind is the regulation dark green or stippled landscape covers they have. These transformers are indispensable public utilities, and Taipei has more than 9,000 padmount transformers dotted around. But because they are usually found to be, shall we say, wanting in beauty, many people consider them a blot on the cityscape.

Now, Taipei City Government has launched several projects to give Taipei’s cityscape a face-lift. One of them was to remodel the padmount transformers.

Agua Design, the team charged with improving the looks of the city’s transformers, wanted to have them blend in more with their surroundings. They rethought the color palette and reduced the size of the yellow warning signs on them, wanting to relieve the visual stress they placed on pedestrians.

Ms. Chen, who works in finance, has her office on the bustling Songjiang Road. She has noticed several changes on the sidewalks she uses every day. “In the past I found the transformers to be real eyesores, despite the flowers and grass painted on them,” Chen said.

Now, the padmount transformers on Songjiang Road are wearing new clothes. Grey tones, conveying a sense of style, replace the uniform green and floral paintings. Their low profile helps them blend in with their surroundings.

“Rather than just complaining about everything,” said Chou Yu-ju, founder of Agua Design, “I decided to do something about it, and got involved in changing the look of the city.” Chou recalls how fussy she was about everything in Taipei a decade ago, before she decided to take the bull by the horns and help revamp the place.

Follow up

1. Compare the “before” and “after” appearances of the padmount transformers. Which do you prefer? Why?

1. 比較一下新舊版的變電箱外裝,你比較喜歡新的還舊的?


2. Think about the city or town you live in. What parts of it do you think require improvements? How would you do?

2. 思考一下你所居住的城鎮,有哪些東西是你認為需要改變的?你覺得可以怎麼改變?

Source: CHANG HUAN-PENG, Department of Information and Tourism,

Taipei City Government, originally in the Taipei Pictorial, edition 582.(Translated by Ethan Zhan, Taipei Times)









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