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Sam’s Dream

“Sam told me that last night she’d had a dream. In the dream, she had been wandering through the town she had grown up in.”


Photo: Paul Cooper, Taipei Times

Sam told me that last night she’d had a dream. In the dream, she had been wandering through the town she had grown up in.

It had been a market town, busy day and night.

In the dream, the streets were empty. They were filled with nothing but dust and shadows.

Like most towns, there were wealthy parts and there were poorer parts. Her family used to live in the poor area. In the dream, she was walking through the wealthy part of town.

The wealthy area used to be full of brightly painted stores. There would be shop staff outside catching the eyes of passersby and inviting them in. In the dream, there was no longer any paint on the storefronts. There was nothing but brickwork.

The stores would be full of luxury items that she couldn’t afford. She used to like going into them, she remembers, but the owners would often eye her with suspicion, thinking she was trying to steal something. Occasionally they would chase her out.

Her own area was not as nice. She would have to be careful to avoid rats, thieves and disease. Her parents didn’t use to like her being out on her own. But every Thursday was market day. She wouldn’t have the money to buy anything, but she used to love seeing all the goods on display.

Seeing the town in the dream made her realize how much she misses her family. She hasn’t seen them in many years. Some of them died some time ago.

Write about something you remember from your childhood. Use “would,” “wouldn’t,” “used to” and “didn’t use to.”

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)









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