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Agricultural company launches “leopard cat eggs” to help save Taiwanese leopard cats
支持石虎保育 農業公司推出石虎蛋

The Endemic Species Research Institute’s leopard cat mascot “A-hu“ visits the farm that produces “leopard cat eggs” in an undated photo.

Photo courtesy of the Council of Agriculture’s Endemic Species Research Institute

The agricultural company Opul Union, in collaboration with the Council of Agriculture’s Endemic Species Research Institute, is providing meat for rescued leopard cats and has launched a “leopard cat eggs” program, under which Opul Union will donate NT$5 to the institute for every pack of six eggs purchased at NT$99 by members of the public. The donations will be used to set up a fund for the conservation of leopard cats. The “leopard cat eggs” are eggs from floor-raised chickens and are sold with a leopard cat coaster and a card in the packaging.

The Endemic Species Research Institute says that according to a general survey completed earlier this year there are approximately 200 leopard cats in Nantou County. In order to protect the leopard cats, the institute has been promoting “leopard-cat-friendly farming” in the county, encouraging local farmers to adhere to the “five noes”: no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides, no rat poison and no foothold traps. It is hoped that leopard-cat-friendly farming can help make the environment more suitable for the survival of leopard cats.

Leopard cats are known to inhabit forests in the foothills of Taiwan, but due to loss of habitats and poaching, they have now been listed as an officially protected endangered species. The Endemic Species Research Institute has in recent years been actively promoting the conservation of leopard cats. In addition to advocating leopard-cat-friendly farming, it is also devoted to rescuing, tracking and studying wild leopard cats.




1. coaster n.

杯墊 (bei1 dian4)

例: I bought a heart-shaped coaster at the department store.


2. foothold trap n. phr.

捕獸夾 (bu3 shou4 jia2)

例: It is a bad idea to set up a foothold trap in your backyard.


3. endangered adj.

瀕臨絕種 (bin1 lin2 jue2 zhong3)

例: Chinese box turtles are an endangered species and should be protected.





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